28 November 2022, Odense, Denmark

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    Bringing together Academics, Startups and other sports sector professionals

    A day focused on innovation exploring the translational aspects of sports science and technology

    A forum to examine and discuss environmental, social, and economical sustainability in sports, and to explore the valuable collaboration in product development and design between sports professionals and researchers

    Summit take-aways

    Latest research, trends and innovations in sports and healthPresentations of projects and ideas using cutting-edge knowledge and technologyNewest design methods through hands-on workshops with European experts supporting your next breakthrough innovationNetworking, knowledge and experience sharing between corporates, entrepreneurs, sports organisations, sports science & innovation researchers, and other industry trendsetters

    2022 Program

    This year’s summit will specifically focus on social sustainability in sports through the lenses of physical activity, movement-based health, mental health, sports performance, and inclusion, as key levers of human development and wellbeing.We will thereby exemplify the Nordic approach to a healthy lifestyle underpinned by inclusive, and socially and physically active communities.

    09.00 - 09.30Coffee areaCoffee
    09.30 - 09.40O100Welcome by SDU (Lars Elbæk) and by Sports Lab Copenhagen (Carsten Couchouron)
    Opening by Uffe Holmsgaard, vice-dean at SDU Health Faculty
    09.40 - 10.05O100Keynote: Designing superhero experiences in virtual and mixed realities exergaming.
    Research on AR/VR/MR exergames that make players feel like they have superhuman movement abilities through both digital and physical, combining a real trampoline with in-game simulation.
    Prof. Perttu Hämäläinen (Alto University, Finland)
    10:05 - 10:30O100Keynote: New methods in sport and movement design.
    How movement and physical activity can be used as a creative resource and become an integrated element in sports and health products and services design.
    Ass. Prof. Lars Elbæk (University of Southern Denmark)
    10:30 - 11:00Coffee areaCoffee break & Networking
    11:00 - 12:30
    Workshop sessions: Developing concepts and product using movement-based design methods.
    Workshop 1:
    Room O99

    Physical activity and health in the workplace - 50minutes app development
    Workshop 2:
    Lab for Play & Innovation

    Inclusion and sports training accessibility - Exergames for equality
    Workshop 3:
    Room O94

    Mental health and sports - App development for young football players
    Workshop 4:
    Room O96

    Active play-lives for kids - Exergame design for STEM learning with startup Hopspot
    12:30 - 13:15Lunch areaLunch & Networking
    13:15 - 14:00O100Knowledge sharing from the four workshops
    14:00 - 14:05O100LET's be active with SlilentFit exercise
    14:00 - 14:30O100Keynote: Can technology play a role in putting elite sports at the heart of some future challenges society faces?
    The keynote will discuss a future where sport and technology can work together for the greater societal good.
    Peter Mattsson (Managing Director, Project Elitsports2030, The Swedish Sports Confederation)
    14:30 - 15:15Coffee areaCoffee break & Networking
    Product & Project Pitching
    15:00 - 15:45
    Panel sessions (details here)
    Panel 1:
    Room O99

    Sports technology as an enabler of physical activity in the working environment
    Panel 2:
    Room O95

    Technology supported adaptive training and social inclusion inphysical activity
    Panel 3:
    Room O94

    Human performance, mental health, and well-being – use of data in sports performance
    Panel 4:
    Room O96

    Trends in exergaming and digitally enhanced physical play
    15:45 - 16:15O100Keynote: The future of research and innovation in sports tech - how will it change?
    Kristof De Mey (Ghent University)
    16:15 - 16:55O100Panel discussion: How knowledge and end-user insights shape tomorrow’s innovation in sports
    16:55 - 17:00O100Closing note
    17:00 - 17:30Coffee areaNetworking

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    Kristof De Mey

    Keynote:Kristof De Mey will be talking about the current and future state of innovation within the European and global sport ecosystem. He will share experiences in setting up a variety of projects within wearables, exergames, apps and software platforms etc. The technologies are used in settings ranging from professional to recreational contexts, in various age groups and for a multitude of purposes as e.g., increasing sports or physical activity levels, prevention and treatment of injuries, optimizing training etc.About Kristof:Kristof De Mey is working as a Sports technology, Innovation and Business developer at Ghent University (Belgium) where he is managing a consortium of experts called Victoris. He’s involved in various university-industry collaborations within the sports, fitness, and health domain. He’s also lecturing a Sports Technology and Innovation course at the same university.Together with the startup acceleration program and investment fund imec.istart he started an initiative called SportUp supporting startups within sport. He co-founded Sportamundi, that generate, develop and implement various evidence-based tools in physical education settings, cities and municipalities, etc.
    He has launched the Sports Tech Research Network, an initiative which aims to facilitate the creation and go-to-market of more trustworthy and effective sports tech products and services.

    Lars Elbæk

    Keynote:Lars Elbæk will be presenting new trends in sport and movement design – how movement and physical activity become an integrated element of the design process of sports and health products and services.About Lars:Lars Elbæk is PhD and associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). He teaches and researches movement interaction and design, and has several years of experience in movement science. His special interest is movement-based design methods in sport and movement innovation.

    Prof. Perttu Hämäläinen

    Keynote:Prof. Perttu Hämäläinen will share his research on AR/VR/MR exergames that aim to make the players feel like they have superhuman movement abilities. This is pursued through both digital and physical means, for example, by combining a real trampoline with exaggerated in-game physics simulation (now also available as Valo Motion’s ValoJump in trampoline parks around the globe).About Perttu:Perttu Hämäläinen is an associate professor of computer games at Aalto University (Finland). His mission is to improve health through exergames and digitally augmented sports that promote physical activity. He has designed, developed and researched new forms of hybrid digital and physical exergaming for over 20 years, since 2001. He is also the scientific advisor of Valo Motion, a spin-off startup from his research group with award-winning Augmented and Mixed Reality climbing and trampoline games ValoClimb & ValoJump, and now also ValoArena, a multiplayer MR exergaming platform.

    Peter Mattsson

    Keynote:Elite Sports in 2030 – will and can technology play a role in putting elite sports at the heart of some of the challenges society is facing in the future?
    There is a global arms race going on in elite sports, fueled by countries wanting to succeed at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Government and corporate money take turns in funding this arms race. Signs of the time make it questionable whether this is a model that can be sustained in the future. In the current economic climate governments have great challenges and the trend is that traditional sports sponsoring is changing rapidly. On top of that Sports washing has become a term that nobody wants to be connected to. In this challenging future technology can connect people as never before and perhaps elite sports can serve to engage people in new ways, leading to both increased physical activity in the population as a whole and to better achievements from the top athletes. In this keynote Peter Mattsson will expand on some visions of the future where sport and technology can work together for the greater good.
    About Peter:Peter Mattsson manages Swedish #elitesports2030, a joint project between the Swedish Sports Confederation, The Swedish Olympic Committee and the Swedish Paralympic Committee, formed to increase the funding put into Swedish high-performance sports. Peter has an extensive background in the elite end of sports having served as the Performance Director of the Swedish Golf Federation and the English Golf Union, before joining the Swedish Sports Confederation as the Director of Elite Performance. #elitesports 2030 is aiming at attracting funds from government and commercial partners as well as at increasing cooperation with academia and innovators in relevant fields.


    Rasmus Vestergaard Andersen

    Rasmus is a research assistant at the University of Southern Denmark and teaches to innovate with movement-based design solutions in the domain of sport, game, play and learning.

    Peter Wiborg Astrup

    Peter is Center Director at the Test and Development Centre for Welfare Technology, which focuses on bringing companies close to municipalities and hospitals to co-create new and innovative products.

    Olov Belander

    Olov is senior adviser at the Norwegian Directorate of Health. He is involved in "Smart mosjon i arbeidslivet" that is a new digital research-based solution allowing you to design a tailored training program based on the work life- and physical condition.

    Henrik Brandt

    Henrik, a journalist by trade, is co-founder and director of SportsHub Denmark (IdrætsPlatformen Danmark) and managing football club IF Lyseng Fodbold. He has been director of the Danish Sports Analysis Institute (IDAN) and Play the Game from 2005 to 2018.

    Jakob Breddam

    Jakob is project manager at DGI Impact, which aims to empower entrepreneurs to make Denmark the most active sports nation through grassroots and sports associations.

    Carsten Couchouron

    Carsten's international career in sports business and re-location to DK lead him to found Sports Lab Copenhagen, which supports innovation and entrepreneurship, provides expertise and consultancy, and develops the Nordic sports innovation ecosystem.

    Tina Dalager

    Tina is associate professor at University of Southern Denmark and her main interest in research is to develop, monitor, and implement physical exercise programs at the workplace, including the exploration of behavior related to training adherence.

    Robby van Delden

    Robby is a researcher at the University of Twente (NEL). His research focuses on interactive whole-body interaction and persuasion during play. He looks at various contexts from stimulating movement to transforming social interactions.

    Tony Dieu

    Tony is co-founder and CEO of 50Minutes. Since 2017, Tony has been involved in the development of health and exercise applications with a focus on bridging the gap between academic research and digital application.

    Gregory Diment

    Gregory is Head of Sports Psychology for Team Danmark which aims to create the best possible conditions for Danish elite sport and for the individual athletes.

    Mauro Frota

    Mauro has been active in several Martial Arts since childhood. His academic career focused on retention in fitness. With over 20 years of experience in fitness, he created BHOUT, the "first boxing bag with a brain", as a logical next step.

    Peter Gréen

    Peter is founder and CEO of Finland-based Rehaboo!, making exergames for rehabilitation of hospital patients, for workplace exercising at office or home, and for physical- and cognitive activation of elderly people.

    René Engelhardt Hansen

    René is assistant professor at University of Southern Denmark. His main fields are project- and innovation management and design process facilitation. His research focuses on gamification and design to motivate users towards health behavioral change.

    Peter Kock Hansen

    Peter has several years of experience working with activity and technology development at ParaSport Denmark, the national sports organization for disabled sport. Peter is currently Head of Activity and Members at the Danish Foundation of Neuromuscular diseases.

    Uffe Holmskov

    Uffe is a professor and vice-dean for research and innovation at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark. He has a long research career with him and is the former head of the Department of Molecular Medicine.

    Henrik Horst

    Henrik is CEO of CurveX, which has developed a device and software that helps you become more aware of your brain, the cognitive stages you go through on a daily basis, and achieve mental well-being in the long term.

    Daniel Jørgensen

    Daniel has played football in super-league divisions 1 and 2 in DK. Today, he works as a football and mental coach with youth football in FC Helsingør.

    Maximus D. Kaos

    Max is a assistant professor of Human-Computer Interaction, Play, Movement, and Learning at the University of Southern Denmark. His primary research lies in technology and games for health behavior change.

    Søren Kleberg

    Søren has developed health and exercise apps since 2009. Currently involved in among others the EU's Expert Groups on Harmonisation of Digital Medicine Devices.

    Andreas Küttel

    Andreas is an assistant professor at SDU and a former professional skijumper and Olympian from Switzerland.His research interest are athletes´ mental health and (dual) careers.

    Søren Jul Kristensen

    Søren is Sport Director in Parasport Denmark. He has worked with parasport for more than 30 years, primarily with non-elite sport. He is also National Director for Special Olympics.

    Søren Lekbo

    Søren Lekbo is research assistant in the research unit Learning and Talent in Sport at University of Southern Denmark. He uses bodily experience in facilitating design processes to create insights for engaging and exciting movements solutions.

    Naja K. Lindberg

    While a student at SDU, Naja started Silent FIT, a headphone-based system allowing training anywhere, without disturbing the environment, or being disturbed, now a growing startup.

    Majbritt Lyckhage

    Majbritt Lyckhage is founder and partner of Brandlife Sport and Cosmo Child, an app for parents who want to strengthen their child's well-being.

    Aviaja Borup Lynggaard

    Aviaja is the inventor of Hopspots and holds a Ph.d. in interaction design. Her focus is on developing new products for children that enhances movement, digital creativity, playfulness and learning.

    Lasse Werner Madsen

    Lasse is founder and CEO of Levitate, helping people who either experienced leg amputation or were born with it to be active by producing high-quality running blades at an affordable cost.

    Merete Spangsberg Nielsen

    Merete is Director of "colleague fitness" at the Danish Association for Corporate Sport.

    Nikos Ntoumanis

    Nikos is Professor of Motivation Science at the University of Southern Denmark. He is interested in personal and contextual factors that promote motivation for sustained behavior change and result in psychological well-being. His particular interest is physical activity promotion in different community settings.

    Kenneth Just Petersen

    Kenneth is Body SDS-educated mental coach at Helsingør FC, where he is using both group and individual therapy. He has been a youth football coach for 20 years and holds a B-license from the Danish Football Federation (DBU).

    Maja Pilgaard

    Maja Pilgaard, Ph.D. in sports science has 15 years of experience within sports policy research with a long portfolio of projects about sports participation. She is Chief Analyst at the Danish Sports Analysis Institute.

    Dennis Reidsma

    Dennis is associate professor at the University of Twente (NEL).
    He specialises on behavior generation for coordinated interaction with social agents and interactive playgrounds for play, care, and learning through user experiments.

    Lisa Schlage

    Lisa is a teacher at Egmont Højskolen (high school), where her work focuses on creating an atmosphere and environment at school that promotes inclusion. This includes making adjustments so that students with and without disabilities can participate.

    Dhruv Seshadri

    Based in Chicago, Dhruv has a PhD in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and is focusing on developing and translating medical technologies to optimize and improve health and performance.

    Jonathan Vaarst

    Jonathan has since January 2022 been a sports consultant at Parasport Denmark. He focuses on knowledge gathering and sharing and produces valuable solutions for the parasports members of the organisation.

    Matias Welsien

    Matias is Chief Experience Officer & co-founder of startup Pleaz. He uses his knowledge of sports science and entrepreneurship to develop new products that help people thrive at the workplace.

    Søren Würtz

    Søren Würtz is a physiotherapist with 20 years’ experience within health and safety, specializing in work related injury prevention. Today he is co-founder and CCO of PRECURE.

    Morten H. Østli

    Morten is CEO and co-founder of Norway based SmartGroup which produces a patented wireless brake technology enabling disabled to enjoy cycling and other activities.


    Showcase your sports & health related product or service and further develop it or come with your idea of a product or service for design maturation!

    Join a design workshop that will use the latest design methods to mature your product or service. Our expert partners in sports design and engineering from five different European universities will be facilitating the workshop using the latest knowledge in the areas of sports and movement design.A grand opportunity for start-ups, corporates, NGOs, other organisations, and university researchers from across the Nordics and beyond to give their products or movement-based projects an innovative boost!!

    If you are interested in a workshop with your products/solutions in complete focus, please contact Lars Elbæk: lelbaek@health.sdu.dk, +45 2140 1943.

    Panel sesions

    Panel 1 (room O90)

    Future Job-Related Physical Activity plays (JR-PA) an essential role in a healthy lifestyle and is a counterweight to the workplace-related development of musculoskeletal pain.Discover :
    - how the Norwegian Government promotes workplace related physical activity,
    - how startup Plaez delivers a service for JR-PA,
    - how Dansk Firmaidrætsforbund (Danish Association for Corporate Sport) actively facilitate JR-PA,
    - how startup Precure creates technology for JR-PA, and
    - how TradeXpansion collaborate with researchers to develop a JR-PA-based business.

    Panel 2 (room O95)

    Technology-supported adaptive training and social inclusion in physical activity is crucial for impaired citizens. This panel will provide insights into solutions that require target group-specific hardware, software, and knowledge of functional levels.Learn:
    - how TUCV uses 3D printing,
    - how the Norwegian SmartGroup makes Smart Break for wheelchairs,
    - how Muskelsvindfonden (Danish Foundation for Neuromuscular Diseases) help members to be physically active.
    Get insights:
    - into how Parasport Denmark support athletes,
    - from IDAN (Danish Sports Analysis Institute on the activity levels of impaired citizens.

    Panel 3 (room O94)

    Despite their challenging lifestyle, athletes seem to experience similar or even higher mental well-being than their non-sporting peers. How are elite athletes supported in sustaining a competitive mental health?Discover:
    - how Team Denmark supports athletes’ mental health,
    - how CurveX provides a product that records and analysis brain waves.
    Get insights:
    - on the most updated research in athlete mental health,
    - on how wearables and research go hand-in-hand for monitoring mental health.

    Panel 4 (room O96)

    Exergame sports and fitness is the merging of exercise and gaming, providing interactive solutions that are fun and playful while being health enhancing. Most companies developing solutions and researching the field apply one or more technologies that track your reaction times, your body's movement, and overall progress.Experience:
    - exergame examples like the boxing bag and system BHOUT,
    - interactive trampolining (presented in the keynote), and further game developments coming up.
    - how startup Rehaboo uses game design for elderly citizens' health and well-being.

    Closing panel discussion (room O100)

    How knowledge and end-user insights shape tomorrow's innovation in sports.

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